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Re: Incorrect Map/Event Info on Site

The seating options for Toh Kay at Thalia Hall on February 1st is incorrect.


There is:


1.Standing Room Only

2.GA Seated (I have this option)

3. Opera Box







Re: Incorrect Map/Event Info on Site


Here is the link for the Toh Kay show at Thalia Hall.


Robert Klein Sun • Jan 20 • 8:00 PM Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Robert Klein on 1/20,, has an incorrect seating chart. The back section is not general admission but reserved,


Screenshot of Tickets _ An Evening With Robert Klein - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL at Ticketmaster.jpg

Re: Incorrect Map/Event Info on Site

Hi Team,


Please make map interactive for below event:


Event Name - Jeff Tweedy
Event Date - Apr 12, 2019
Event Time(s) - 8:00PM
Venue - Lucas Theatre for the Arts | Savannah, GA
Event Link -


New User

Re: Incorrect Map/Event Info on Site: Jeff Tweedy Cincinnati

Stubhub, your venue information for 4/17/19 Jeff Tweedy show @ Music Hall Cincinnati, is incorrect.  The seats and sections are incorrect and it keeps me from properly listing my tickets - for this show floor sections are 1-6 (tickets I am selling are Floor Section 6, and yes I triple-checked it), but this option is not available in the drop-down.  Further, it does not accept me typing the right section number, so the only way to list my tickets is to put the wrong section.  At a minimum can you open up free-text for the section section so I can list them?  Happy to send a jpg of the order confirmation as needed.

Re: Incorrect Map/Event Info on Site

Hi Team,


Please make floor map correct for below event:


Event Name - Justin Timberlake
Event Date - Feb 18, 2019
Event Time(s) - 7:30PM
Venue - Moda Center Portland, OR
Event Link -



Backup Singer

Re: Incorrect Map/Event Info on Site

Your Alpine Valley map is wrong.  Section 102  goes up to row L and Section 202 begins with row N.  The shows where section 102 is used as a GA pit, sectoin 202 row N is the true front row of venue.

Zamboni Driver

Re: Incorrect Map/Event Info on Site

While trying to list SWMRS' show on 5/3/2019 in LA, two events appear instead of 1. I'm unsure which one to choose but they both list the same theater + time so this duplicate shouldn't be there. 

Pit Crew

Re: Incorrect Map on Site- NKOTB NJ

The map for New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) in New Jersey, July 2nd Prudential Center, the some of the map/seating sections changed since I intially listed my tickets.  I did delete them and relist them, but the seating sections do not match what is listed on the tickets exactly.  


My seats are lower section 10 (the actual ticket does not state "lower sides 10"  it just shows section 10 (the ticket does not state lower sides 10).  I know this is correction section because of the map, but this could cause a problem with people saying it doesn't match what is listed on the ticket.


If you notice there are no tickets listed in the lower bowl (only mine), it looks like changes were made and now it is affecting all the listings that were posted prior to the change.