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View Obstruction - Dodger Stadium (Section 32, Row B, Seats 1 & 2)

My husband and I paid around $900 for two tickets to game 4 of the NLDS series.  StubHub had no obstruction notice, but when we arrived at our seats, there was a large and raised railing that blocked the view from the pitcher straight across to the hitter.  When we tried to work with Dodger Stadium (we spent innings 2-5 talking to them), they said they were aware of the view issue at the those seats and had we purchased through, we would've been given an obstruction notice. 


I tried calling StubHub but I can't get through to anyone, and I don't see an email address where I can submit my photo and complaint.  Our backs hurt from crouching to see under the railing, and we left at the 5th inning.  I was devasted, and our night was ruined.  I would really like to hear back from StubHub, I feel totally duped and like I was robbed. 


Re: View Obstruction - Dodger Stadium (Section 32, Row B, Seats 1 & 2)

Dodger Stadium's reply: 


"We are sorry to hear of your frustrating experience with the seats in Section 32 of the Reserve Level.  As stated by our staff at the game, the tickets are noted as "Obstructed View" when sold directly through  Our box office notifies secondary market sites of all possible obstructed view seats so that they may be noted as such on their websites but unfortunately we cannot control what verbiage another company does or does not present on their website.  In the future, we encourage you to purchase directly through to ensure that all seat ntoices are communicated during the purchasing process."