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LMS Coachella

Hey, will there be a LMS pick up for Coachella 2022 tickets? I'm traveling internationally for the event and the order wouldnt arrive to my country on time!Thanks


Bought 2 VERY expensive tickets to Lady GaGa at Fenway Park. The day AFTER I bought the tickets the tour was cancelled, the reason for canceling the tour was “ COVID” despite the fact that COVID was happening much worse when the tour was announced???...

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Covid issue tickets

I bought my tickets, 2, for Chris Stapleton for tonight, june 5th at The Glen Amphitheater. When I bought them, I didn't print them, and didn't sign in. I did it through facebook.Now it seems that the email I got isn't enough. Im really mad. Paid for...

Money stuck

My account was connected to an email that was shut off. I went into my account to change to my other email and the money is stuck in pending. I also updated my payment method to direct deposit. I can’t go in to receive the money. What do I do?

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Coachella - sold and sent ticket in 2020

Hello, I sold 1 of my 2 Coachella passes and sent it to the buyer back in 2020 before the event was cancelled (obviously have not gotten paid for that sale yet). It now sounds like with the rescheduled 2022 dates that my original 2 pass purchases wil...

I got sent the wrong tickets

I bought tickets for a Salt Lake Bees game on June 25 and was sent tickets for the game tonight. I was never sent tickets for the game I wanted in June. I cannot go to the game tonight, but I’m worried I won’t have tickets to the June 25th game anymo...

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No tickets or update since Jine 2020 on conxert

I bought tickets for my Daughter back in December 2019 for Harry Styles. Have not received the tickets or an update since June 2020. Would like some update on these tickets and when we should get them. This order does not show up on my past orders. I...