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Coachella 2020 tickets holders are being basically Extorted into buying 2022 tickets

IF you bought your tickets in 2019 For coachella 2020 From what im getting is that they just gave back everyone Credits on stubhub (which i never asked for.) we were told that in the beginning of march From the Ceo "If you buy tickets on StubHub to an event that is canceled, you have the option to receive a coupon worth 120% of your original order to go to the live event of your choosing within the next 12 months. Alternatively, you can choose to receive a full refund for the original order amount (including service and delivery fees) to the original payment method."  he seem to go back on his word in his heart felt email he sent all of us. I've been trying to get a Refund thru the last 2 years while they held my money hostage. giving me no indication i will get anything back. More of a Lets wait and see..jump thru some more loops etc.... Now when 2021 was cancelled, I asked for a Money Refund such luck i was sent @AllyD  "Once we have confirmation on any changes, you'll receive an email with all the details. Reach out after you get that email and we'll see what options are available." I NEVER GOT ANY Email GIVING ME ANY OPTIONS.. I just got a Email saying here is your credits, No options to let me hold on to my ticket, obviously no cash. nothing. So Now I'm reaching Out!. /s  Now i believe Tickets Go on sale This Friday for Coachella 2022 and well it's no shock price gouging is brewing. It seem to me in Theory ...Stub Hub want us holders from 2020 to buy new tickets with our coupons (cause they want to keep a hold on our money) and intent on us to  pay more money for the new tickets which im sure will be way more than what we assume they will be on Stub Hub. so ya basically forcing us to buy back tickets we already owned and getting more out of us after brushing us off while they held our money for 2 years. i never wanted credits never asked for them. I would say im shocked but its very blatant that this company has no customer service in mind. other than shallow emails that go back on there word within 2 weeks, and there community Mod with there copy paste reply.