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NFC Playoff Tickets purchase, refunds, date and time, etc.

Hello. I am curious how NFC Divisional round playoff tickets work. I would like to travel to see the Dallas Cowboys play in the Divisional round of the NFL playoffs. I think the game will be in New Orleans or Los Angeles. If I buy tickets to the game but then I want to resell them because the game is in another city or the Cowboys get eliminated, would I be able to resell them through Stubhub?

Also, if I bought tickets to the Divisional round game in either Los Angeles or New Orleans, but then the team (either the Los Angeles Rams or the New Orleans Saints) were to get eliminated from the playoffs and the game were cancelled, would I receive a refund?

If I did receive a refund, would the refund include the fees charged by Stubhub?

Finally, when will tickets to the Divisional Round games go on sale on Stubhub?

Thank You

Re: NFC Playoff Tickets purchase, refunds, date and time, etc.

Yes, of course you can resell the tickets on StubHub if your team does not make the playoffs or that round. All sales will receive full refunds including fees if the game is not played. All NFL playoff games are already on sale. Just search the home team you are interested in. Obviously, the higher seeds will have more opportunities for home games and 6th seeds cannot have a home game and 5th seeds are extremely unlikely to have one as well.