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Am I being scammed

This is my last effort to try to reach anyone at this company other than your call center “employees”.

For over a month I have been trying to add my bank account to my account. I add it, set it to default and receive the confirmation email for adding it. EVERY TIME, within hours, my bank account disappears from my account. I have done this more times than I can remember.

I have tried from my phone on Safari, the stub hub app, and a desktop computer on Chrome. Nothing changes, same results.

I have spoken with numerous “customer service” representatives who all read from the same script on how to help me. They all tell me they’re adding notes to my account about this issue. One had me send over screenshots of my original ticket transfer to prove the sale and confirmed that she could see my bank account. One told me to leave my number and the Sales department would contact me. One told me he was putting in a “special report” about this and even if my bank account disappeared again, I would be paid in “5-8 business days”.

Do you have real people working at this company? Is this an elaborate scam to take a whopping $112.50?

Thanks for the added stress during these financially fragile times when this money actually means something to an increasing shrinking middle class family.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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