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Barcode with no numbers

I am trying to sell a pair of tickets, but I do not have a barcorde number for my tickets. This is part of the new barcode system that ticketmaster is doing. What do I do?


Re: Barcode with no numbers

If there is a QR code, often there will be a little "i" with a circle around it. If you click that information button, it will show the barcode it it's available. If not, you'd need to list as mobile transfer and transfer them that way. If it's a barcode-only event on our site and you're seeing other listings, then there definitely should be a way to view the barcode. You're welcome to send a private message to one of our moderators with a screenshot of the ticket that you're trying to list. Perhaps they can help troubleshoot a little better.

Pit Crew

Re: Barcode with no numbers

Hello. Try going to “My Ticketmaster”. Then “My Tickets”. Find the event you are trying to sell and click. Is there a blue bar that says view Mobil ticket? If yes click. In the upper right hand corner is an icon that looks like “I”. Click on. It should show event name, order number, bar code and other information. Bar codes are case sensitive include dashes and spaces if any.