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Buyers Failing to Accept Tickets after Transfer

Recently, I've had four buyer who have failed to accept the tickets I have transferred them after a purchase. I transfer the tickets lightning fast after these buyers pay and they are not accepting them either out of ignorance or laziness and I fear Stubhub will punish me even though I do the transers almost instantly and correctly. I sold a buyer tickets 9 month ago and last wek they tell Stubhub they never got them. The Stubhub rep accussed me of not sending them even though I had proof from Ticketmaster. The rep called me several times and I was able to resend the tickets in time for the show. What happens if these other 3 recent buyers do the same thing and claim they didn't get their tickets? What if I'm unavailable or unable to do the transfer again right away before an event? It's totally unfair that Stubhub will try to penalize me and charge me thousands for the faults of inept buyers. 


Re: Buyers Failing to Accept Tickets after Transfer

Hey @ok! As long as you are fulfilling your end of the order, you should never be penalized and you will still receive payment as you've delivered as you promised. I'm sorry to hear about how this was handled but I'm happy to take a look at your orders to make sure they are marked as delivered so we can avoid any issues moving forward. I will just need the email address & zip code on your account so please private message me that so I can take a look. Thank you!


Re: Buyers Failing to Accept Tickets after Transfer

I think there is a training issue here. I’ve heard and experienced stubhub employees who are on the front line accuse sellers of not transferring.

They need to get all of the facts before they drop the cancellation charge line.