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Can I sell tickets I won on the radio?

I recently won tickets from a local radio station. I picked up the tickets and they say $0.00 on them.
I am unable to attend the concert because it is on a Tuesday night. Tickets I currently have are selling on StubHub for $185-$250. Can I sell these tickets on StubHub?

Re: Can I sell tickets I won on the radio?

If you can ship tickets for that event then you should be fine, if it's a barcode integrated event, sometimes barcodes on comp tickets aren't valid for resell, but you'll know if that's the case if the stubhub site isn't accepting the barcodes from the tickets when you enter them, it validates the barcodes real-time.

Re: Can I sell tickets I won on the radio?

If you are concerned with the tickets reading $0.00, that is not an issue. It is not illegal to sell tickets for more than you paid for them, or to sell them if you received them as a prize/gift/donation/etc. 


So long as you can deliver the tickets as promised you will not have any issues. Be sure to always check StubHub to see if they have sold or not. StubHub typically sends emails when tickets sell, however there are times when technology is not always reliable and the email is not sent or is sorted into a spam folder, or some other issue occurs and you do not receive the email. 


To this point, it is your responsiblity to check StubHub frequently to ensure tickets have or have not sold. Not delivering tickets as promised will result in penalties outlined in the seller's agreement (fee of 40% of the sales price or replacement value, whichever is greater) 


Good luck!

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Re: Can I sell tickets I won on the radio?


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Re: Can I sell tickets I won on the radio?

Hey @NatalieB!


@We_Got_Tickets is correct! It depends on the rules of the venue as they may not allow resale of Complimentary tickets so the upload may not go through so we recommend checking with the venue before attempting to list!