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Cancel Fee

I purchased tickets for 311 Day back in September 2019.  All tickets are mailed hard copy from Ticketmaster.  I received the tickets last week, and mailed out to the buyer.  I paid $556 for the tickets.  I sold for a loss and net $399.50.  The buyer canceled the sale today because he said I did not deliver the tickets he purchased.  Apparently, Ticketmaster put "limited view" on the tickets, which was not conveyed when purchased on the Ticketmaster site.  I spoke on the phone with a rep for Ticketmaster, and they assured me that the view is not limited, that because they are on the side, they have to put that for that venue (sect 301 & 307).  The venue is MGM Park Theater.  These are Row A 5 seats from the middle aisle.  GIVE ME A BREAK!!!  And now Stubhub is charging me $188 fee for this!?!?!?

StubHub Alumni (Retired)

Re: Cancel Fee

We are very sorry for the frustrations, @springjk! Since we are a self-service platform, we count on our sellers to familiarize themselves with the tickets that they've purchased off-site to ensure that they are including all necessary disclosures within their listing details. We don't have any affiliation with Ticketmaster so, we are unable to take responsibility for disclosures that may have been tucked away during checkout. 


If a seller does not fulfill their sale on time and exactly as described, they are subject to order cancellation. Order cancellation ensures that a seller is not paid & they are responsible for a 40% or the cost of replacement tickets, whichever is greater, penalty fee for failure to fulfill an order. This information can be found in our Seller Policy located on our website

We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to reverse the charge but, we are more than happy to review the details. Feel free to send me or any other community moderator a private message with your email address & zip/postal code. We love to take a look!