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Cut off time for listing?

What is the deadline for listing tickets to sell?

Re: Cut off time for listing?

Hey @Pebblesmoss! The deadline for selling tickets varies depending on the delivery method of the tickets.  Some events may have other restrictions that affect the listing cutoff time but most events follow the below guidelines.



Instant Download (PDF) - Expire at the event start time

Electronic (PDF) - Expire 48 hours before the event


Mobile Tickets - Instant (Screenshot of a mobile ticket) - Expire at event start time

Mobile Transfer - Expire 24 hours before the event


Flash Seats - Instant - Expire at the start of the event

Flash Transfer - Expire 6 hours before the event


UPS (Physical tickets) - Expire 3 business days before the event


Last Minute Services Pickup (Physical tix must be delivered to the designated location prior to the listing being activated) - Expire at the event start time



Please note, some of our larger sellers may have special permission which allow their listings to stay on site past the above cutoffs.