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Dropped Sale Charge

I purchased tickets in December for a Kenny Chesney Concert in April, a few weeks later I found out I couldn’t go due to work so I posted my tickets for Face Value on Ticketmaster and Stubhub at the same time to try on sell them unfortunately they both sold within hours of each other, I saw that Stubhub sold them 1st so I called tickmaster to let them know, unfortunately they informed me that because I purchased the tickets through them that they had 1st rights to them and when I sold the tickets they changed the barcode when they transferred them to the new owner, so, I called Stubhub (remember this is 5 months before the concert and hours after they sold them) and they informed me that there will be a automatic 40% penalty (face value of my tickets were $499 each) or replacement cost of tickets, Ok so I thought I would have to pay a few hundred dollars to fix the issue, Nope , Stubhub came back and said my tickets were way under priced for that event and the buyer wanted replacement tickets so Stubhub charged me $1007 to replace the tickets so I ended up not going to the concert but paying more then if I would have just gave them away, so anyway, I guess policy is policy, Fast forward to January so I wanted to go see Billy Joel in Orlando and the concert was in 4 days and I found 11th row tickets for $300 each (great deal) all the others in that area were double the price so I purchased them and was happy, the next day Stubhub called me and said there was issues with the tickets and my options were to get a full refund or look for other tickets, I’m thinking great, I’m covered so I go online to see my options for tickets and saw tickets same section but two rows back (row 13) $175 more then what I originally paid for mine, and asked Stubhub about those tickets, they told I couldn’t have those tickets that I would have to look for tickets around the same price that I purchased mine for, OK, that’s odd, that there policy changed in a month, so I settled on side of stage, I’m very disappointed, I complied with there policy when I messed up, but, when I needed the same thing they declined, Stubhub is nothing but a money grap and nobody cares about the seller (and buyer) on there site, Beware, Beware, Beware!

Re: Dropped Sale Charge

Hi @Sundownsec, I can see that our social media team is assisting you on this matter. Please feel free to PM me if you have any further questions about this.