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Dropped Sale Charge?

Two weeks ago we listed two tickets of NCAA football games (groups of 4), only to find that we forgot to list "student tickets" there (first time user of Stubhub, did not see "student tickers" in the dozens of options that are initially hidden behind a click). 


The tickets were sold really fast before we could got the chance to correct the info after told to do so by a friend. Instead of letting the buyers taking their chances at the stadium entrance with no student ID, we decided to report the issues. However, nothing happens until today. 


When I checked the credit card bill today, I saw that the penalty is $ 96.00 and $ 466.00. However, the two sales were $216.00 (OSU vs Rutger 09/08) and $378.00 (OSu vs MSU, 10/13). We assume that $ 96 is associated with $ 216 and $ 466 with $ 378. 

My question is I don't see how that "dropped sale" would make the penalty higher than the tickets itself, given the number of avaialble tickets online and the time we still have before the game. We are fine with the $ 96.00, that is our fault. But the $466 penalty is beyond my understanding anyway. Exactly how is the "dropped sale charge" calculated? If anybody could enlighten me about it we would really appreciate it.


One last thing people, don't forget to check all those hidden options when you list your tickets.





Re: Dropped Sale Charge?

Thank you so much for reaching out on that. I'm sorry to hear there was some confusion on creating the listing. It's definitely not the kind of experience we want for our sellers and buyers. I'd be happy to explain how the process works. When we're made aware that tickets aren't going to be valid, we'll first reach out to the buyer and inform them of their options, which are to cancel the order for a full refund or we'll help them find replacements. If they choose to cancel the order, there is a 40% penalty for the dropped sale, if they choose replacements, the penalty will be the cost of the replacements or 40%, whichever is more. That said, I would be happy to look into the $466 and see what happened. 


I'm going to send you a private message now, to go over the details.