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Event Rescheduled THRICE but cannot get a refund

This is the first time i tried using stubhub for Ricky Gervais show back in May 2020. I purchased these tickets here as I wanted to surprise my wife as she is a big fan and sit together. I paid a total of $351 here as the seats were together. I was getting the tickets from ticketmaster for $60 each but the seats were apart. The event has been rescheduled thrice and the latest date is Aug 2021. The venue has refunded the amount whoever purchased from ticketmaster but not StubHub. On talking to the representative from StubHub, he said there was nothing they can do. Im trying to sell the tickets for the same amount but they are way higher in price than what is being shown here. This is nothing short of a scam. It's not my fault that I can't wait for over a year for the event to take place.


Re: Event Rescheduled THRICE but cannot get a refund

Apologies for the frustrations, @Ayogambo. We appreciate that feedback! 


Re: Event Rescheduled THRICE but cannot get a refund

if you appreciate the feedback, why doesn't stub hub do the right thing and refund the customers money. I am going through the same thing! I purchased tickets in August 2019 for an event that is now taking place 2 years later will most likely be posptoned again. I can not commit to an event 3 years later. At some point, the company needs to step up and allow for a simple refund plain and simple. Ticketmaster as and so should you! Holding on to our hard earned money for events that neither party has any control over