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First time using this service

Hi, this is my first time using Stubhub. Back in October 19 I purchased 2 tickets to see Queen in Amsterdam in May this year but due to Corona like everthing else it was cancelled. My wife and I have decided that we dont now wish to attend and would like to resell our tickets. My question is , we have been told we may not receive them until the day of the resheduled concert (May 30th 2021) My question is how will that work if we want to pass them on ? Do stubhub have a online place where the new purchasers can access them or do we have to do it ourselves ? Also what happens if they dont come through in time or not at all ? Thankyou in advance for your help. Regards Mark....

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Re: First time using this service

Hi Mark


If you can no longer make the new date you can resell the tickets on Stubhub and list with an in hand date of the date that you expet to receive them.  You cna reach out to one of the moderators and they can help waive the fees to resell the tickets.  In addition, once oyu sell, you can reach out to one of the moderators and they may be able to adjust your original purchase so that your seller can transfer the tickets to your buyer instead.