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Forgot to delete listing

I got a email this afternoon saying someone had bought my tickets that I was selling, I put these tickets up last year and totally forgot to take them down because I requested a refund from Ticketmaster. Is there any way that I can cancel this ??

Re: Forgot to delete listing

That is a great question. If your tickets have sold, the sale is a valid sale, so the buyer is covered by our FanProtect Guarantee. That said, we couldn't simply cancel the order as we are required to provide replacements for the buyer to attend the event. If you'd like the opportunity to save the sale and offer replacements to the buyer, we can certainly help you with that. Otherwise, we will need to send the order over to our ticket replacement team to help the buyer out which will result in a penalty for the dropped sale. If you have specific questions on that or would like to get started on that process, please send me or another one of the moderators a private message. We'll help get this resolved.