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Getting Paid

I have yet to receive my money for tickets I sold for a game that was played on 10/29/2022. Order # 507843798 & 507846085. Two attempts to correct were made since StubHub sent the payments to the wrong email address for my PayPal account.
StubHub asked me to setup direct deposit and I was told within 24 hours I would receive a confirmation email showing the direct deposit was in progress which would replace the wrong PayPal transactions but when received, it still showed the wrong email address for my PayPal account.
They are now saying I must wait 30 days for their mistake to be returned by PayPal and another 5-8 days for them to process again. This is ridiculous. Can someone please advise what I can do to rectify?
The only reason I sold these tickets was to help my son's family out of a financial pinch.
Thank you in advance.


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