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Getting paid for sold tickets

Disappointed and frustrated here in GA. Please help.

StubHub still has $892.50 of my $, from 3 sales of Braves tickets - the oldest was back in August.

Everyday I receive an email from StubHub saying I need to update payment info in my StubHub account. This was done weeks ago. Yet, I still receive the same email every single day.

Hung up after being on hold with customer service for 1:30 hr w/ cust support last week, and for an hour earlier this week. Can’t get thru to a human or a supervisor to help. I don’t know why StubHub’s system won’t see my account information and the deposit info entered in it, or why the transactions are maybe caught in some type of loop or suspense. But, obviously, this situation needs some type of human intervention.

Thank you in advance for any assistance with this lingering issue, which I can’t seem to get in front of a human representative from StubHub.