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Groupon changing barcodes



I just received an email from Groupon that a groupon I purchased and  that I have subsequently sold on stubhub has had to have the barcode reissued do to an error. I'm assuming this will be happening to a lot of sales where this has happened. I of course, want to ensure my buyer gets wokring tickets.


Being that I've brought this to Stubhub's attention I'm assuming Stubhub will do the right thing and allow us to resend/reupload the pdf files with the correct barcoded tickets to our buyers instead of trying to ding us with a penalty, correct?


Please confirm and please have someone contact me so I can advise which orders are in question.


Thank you

Moderator Moderator

Re: Groupon changing barcodes

Hey there, @MM81. We aren't affiliated with Groupon at all so, we would expect our sellers to reach out to us directly for assistance with uploading valid files to their orders that may have already been fulfilled. We will send you a private message so we can grab your account details and assist you with fulfilling these orders accordingly. 

Pit Crew

Re: Groupon changing barcodes

I also received this email, so will need to re-upload for affected orders. The email from groupon was very generic and didn't specify events.

I'll need to confirm with groupon, but want to highlight this is more than just one person.

Moderator Moderator

Re: Groupon changing barcodes

No problem at all, @Vin1096. Once you have confirmed which orders have been impacted by the changes feel free to message me or any of the other community moderators for assistance with fulfilling your orders appropriately.