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Haven't been paid yet

I sold 2 tickets that were delivered and my payment staus said its been paid but its been more than 5 days

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Re: Haven't been paid yet

Hi @celinem,

I'm sorry to hear about your payment delay. I'll send you a PM to get your account details and I'll be happy to look into this for you.


Re: Haven't been paid yet

Good luck getting your money.
I am fighting for money that I am owed since 24th October . They keep saying “we are really but someone from our finance department will contact you soon” .
They are avoiding paying people, I know several sellers had this same issue. They just trying to steal more money. Shame on them.

Re: Haven't been paid yet

9 months and I still haven't been paid. Your customer care keeps beating around the bush by saying your finance department is looking into it and they never have a response. I am in debt and under tremendous stress because of this. Please resolve this issue asap. Ticket selling id - 418M4O130W75 (there are 3 more tickets along with it)


I don't care if its stubhub UK, Canada or internation; . Please help. 


I waste 3 hours per week chatting with your customer care and they never have a repsonse. 


The last update was that they finally told me that they will make the transaction in euro so I provided the IBAN accordingly and then they made the transaction in GBP and thus my bank never received the payment. I have asked them to make the transaction in euro and haven't heard anything from them yet. I ahve also asked for call-backs which I have not received. This is 2 months back and today as well the agents over chat tells me that there's no update from finance department !!


I am in dire need of that money. Please understand my situation and resolve it asap. If this method is not working for you, provide me alternatives. I am more than willing to your sorry financial department to solve this. 


Please call me on+91-9599809653 and drop me a mail on

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Re: Haven't been paid yet

Hey @jain_1408! I'm very sorry to hear about this delay with your payment as we never want anyone waiting that long to be paid. I will private message you right now for further information so we can assist.