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How do I change the number of tickets for sale?

I have 4 tickets to a show - and Im trying to upload them as a pdf, but I would like people to either buy them in multiples of 2 or buy them as they like, but dont leave me with just 1, however when I go to save the tickets into a pdf, they all save together as 1 file, and I cannot figure out how to break them up other than print them and re-scan them.  Is there a better solution to this?  Thanks!

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Re: How do I change the number of tickets for sale?

@ouchmypancreas - Glad to explain! You can set the split of your tickets however you like. Such as splits in 2 will set it exactly how you want. A buyer can buy 2 or all 4 tickets. If you set it to don't leave me with a single ticket. Then, the quantity will be set to 1,2 or 4.


When uploading the PDF to the listing, you just need to make sure it has all four. We'll automatically split up the tickets and appropriately issue them out to your buyers; whichever quantity they buy.