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I shipped via UPS using pre-paid label. Why is Delivery status: Unshipped?

From StubHub's website: 
"If you sold tickets for UPS delivery on StubHub and used the pre-paid label that's provided to ship them,
 the status will automatically update when the tickets scan into the UPS tracking system."


This is not accurate information. I used the pre-paid UPS label provided by StubHub. I dropped the tickets off at UPS and was provided a Drop-Off Package Receipt.They're scanned into the UPS tracking system.


Delivery status is still Unshipped.


I'm not the first seller to point this out. Why not fix it? Or at least change the wording on the website to reflect reality?

If I was in charge...

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Re: I shipped via UPS using pre-paid label. Why is Delivery status: Unshipped?

Hi @philorules,


Apologies for the delay and frustrations! Our system is connected with UPS in order to process automatic updates, but at times there can be a lag between the two.


Our Tech Team is constantly working to ensure buyers and sellers get timely updates for these deliveries. If ever a delay occurs, please private message any Community Moderator so they can research and manually update the package status. When sending the message, it is best to include the email address and zip/postal code on your account, along with the order number the tracking delay is happening for.