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I sold tickets and transferred them, but buyer has yet to accept them.

I sold tickets to an event this past Thursday, July 17. I immediately transferred them through Ticketmaster. Today is Saturday, July 21. The event is Wednesday, July 25. The buyer has yet to accept my transferred tickets. I followed the instructions StubHub provided. In my “sold” tickets, it says “transferred,” but nothing is showing in my “payments.” What happens if the buyer does not accept my tickets? I want to ensure I am not liable in any way and that I will get paid and not be the one taking a loss. I have reached out to the seller twice and called StubHub customer service twice and have been ensured that I will not be held responsible and have done my part, that StubHub would reach out to the buyer. I want to confirm that all of this is correct.

Re: I sold tickets and transferred them, but buyer has yet to accept them.

That's a great question. Once they're transferred you'll log in to your orders page and mark the order as delivered, then that will kick off the payment process. That said, if you've already done that, on some occasions, the payment won't show up in the pending section right away. Also, if there are concerns once the tickets are marked as delivered, we'll reach out to you to help rectify the situation. 


I'm going to send you a private message now and we'll go over your order to see what happened and what we can do to help ease any concerns you may have on that order and payment.