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Does Stubhub identify the seller to the major professional sports teams- MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL?

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Re: Identity

Hi! The only information shared within our partnerships are the ticket barcodes for verification.


Re: Identity

And barcodes is all they need in order to trace sells right back to you! Or even intent to sell!
If you have season tickets with a team that's barcode integrated with stubhub or with ANY NFL or MLB team (cause they're all integrated), if there's a resell clause in your season tickets terms and conditions, you might want to sell on StubHub with caution and close tracking that you're within the T&C's or risk having your season tickets cancelled! I've personally had MLB season tickets cancelled selling on StubHub, and unfortunately now with the NFL being integrated with stubhub, I won't be selling any of my NFL season tickets on StubHub, as I don't want to risk cancellation on those...
NFL was already cancelling season tickets based on data gathered from the NFL ticket exchange and will undoubtedly use StubHub data to cancel even more! It's unfortunate!