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Lane One transfer of tickets

I have just listed 2 tickets for the Doobie Brothers in July at the Mohegan Sun (2nd row, center seats).  I originally purchased them through Lane One (an AMEX company).  Has anyone here sold tickets through a mobile transfer?  I hope it's not difficult...


Re: Lane One transfer of tickets

Hi Ursula


Selling thru mobile transfer is very easy.  Once your tickets sell you will be given the buyers name and email.  Log into your Lane One accont and transfer the tickets to the biyer using their name and email.  The last step is to go back to your stubhub account and under the open sales tab confirm tha tyou have made the transfer.  This wills tart the clock ticking on getitng you paid.


Here is a link with selling FAQs in case you have any other questions


Good luck with your sale