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Looking for advice on selling

I have 4 single tickets to sell for the Eagles concert in San Diego in September.  I'm desperate to just get my money back.  I put them on stubhub and all of the other sites I could think of.  I haven't heard anything from any of the sites.  Have you had luck in selling tickets this way, any tips on how to ensure I can get rid of all 4 for the Amex pre-sale price I paid, which is way less than any of the tickets for sale at this point?  Any advice is much appreciated!


Re: SOLD feature eliminated

Hey!  We recommend keeping a real close eye on all the sites you have them listed on.  We wouldn't want to see you end up selling them on multiple sites!  Good luck selling! 


Re: Looking for advice on selling

From what I've experienced selling tickets, tickets sell quickest when they first go on sale, and as the event date is getting closer and closer. There is a lull in sales between like two weeks after on-sale and about two-weeks to a month before the event. Nonetheless, you'll likely make all your money back, and more, but it will take time.