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Mistake listing mobile instead of paper as delivery method

I mistakenly listed tickets as a mobile transfer but I am actually receiving paper tickets and am unable to do the mobile transfer. I have emailed buyer who has agreed to accept paper tickets once I receive them. To make sure the sale did not get cancelled, I reported an issue and offered the same seats as a replacement. Once buyer accepts replacement, will I be able to deliver tickets via a different method?


Re: Mistake listing mobile instead of paper as delivery method

Hi @laurita_a,


Sorry to hear about the mistake on your initial listing! It is important to note that any seller or buyer making direct contact with the other party is a violation of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Seller Policies. We can absolutely appreciate that your intentions were good, however, receiving contact from someone other than StubHub can be very concerning to our customers. 


I'm sending you a private message to go over your account information securely, so please click the envelope icon on the upper right corner of this page to read and respond. Thank you!