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Mobile Transfer Question

This is my first time going through this process.  I apologize if the answer is obvious but I tried everything that I could find in the forums. 


I have successfully listed two tickets for sale.  They are ticketmaster tickets which I currently have in my ticketmaster account.  I did list these tickets as mobile transfer as I don't have tickets.  I have the "you will have the tickets by" set to May 31st as I believe that I can transfer them now (since they are in my TM account).  I would like to pretransfer the tickets.  I clicked on "see actions" expecting to see some type of options that allows me to upload the tickets or the bar code numbers.  However, I only see options to "delete" or "deactivate".  Also, on the listing page, it does say "tickets in hand".  Not really sure if that is right or not


Hoping that someone can help me through this process.  Thanks


Re: Mobile Transfer Question



The only way to pretransfer the tickets would be if the tickets were PDFs.  Then you could upload the tickets and the buyer would receive the tickets immediately upon purchase.  If you do not have PDFs then you will have to wait to transfer the tickets.  Once the tickets sell you will be given the buyers name and email and you can transfer the tickets to the buyer at that time.