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No barcode option for listing MLB Parking Passes

Since Stubhub changed/botched its website redesign recently, there is no longer an option to list parking passes for MLB games with barcodes. There are now just four options: paper tickets, pdf, axs, and mobile transfer. My tickets are all in my MLB Ballpark app, and there is no way I can see to generate any of these options from that app. Also, when I go into my season ticket holder account and try to sell them through that route, I get a "Something went wrong" message, with no other way to sell.


I called customer support, and whomever I spoke with (who seemed to know nothing about how venues work) kept telling me she could see a barcode option. After the third time tellng her that she had to look under the "Parking Passes" tab, she finally realized I was right--and suggested I try to see the pass on another platform. Unreal (and also not feasible).


Stubhub needs to sue whoever changed its website redesign. I've never seen a site go from easy to use to impossible to use, and it seems that every time I log in, it gets worse and worse. I used to love the company and its service, but it is now an unmitigated disaster.


Re: No barcode option for listing MLB Parking Passes

Hi @wjhatley 


It sounds like you can list your parking passes using the mobile transfer option.  That way when they sell you will be given the buyers name and email and can transfer from your team account or from the ballpark app.  While not as elegant as listing directly from your team account it should allow you to list and sell your parking passes.  Note  You will have to list the passes directly on the site rather than thru the team account.

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