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No protection for buyers - censorship

I recently sold tickets via Stub-Hub. I have being doing so for 4 years.


I placed the wrong row. Buyer cancelled purchase. I got charged 40% for the mistake and charged for the price of the sale.


However the buyer has not returned the tickets. When I asked StubHub what their policy was I was told if the buyer does not return them then you lose your tickets and the 40% on top. There is no compensation policy. 


When I complained on this board - I had my complain taken down. Think about it - stub hub has the buyers credid card - they could charge him if they dont return. Instead they prefer to cancel my complain and eliminate it from the "community"


Giving it a second try lol .


Re: No protection for buyers - censorship

We are sorry to hear that you are in this situation, @Mike7. When a sale is canceled we notify the buyer that they could potentially be charged for keeping the tickets if they fail to transfer them back to the appropriate party. We are more than happy to send them a final reminder if you send us a private message with your email address & zip/postal code so we can review the details for you.