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Outside Lands delivery of wrist bands-tickets

I just printed out the UPS Label for delivery of 4 Outside Lands 3 day Wristbands (those are the tickets) to a San Francisco address and when I called the number on the label it was a Stub Hub number. Is the label for a recipient from Stub Hub and then will Stub Hub arrange for the delivery of the wristbands to the ticket buyer or is the label just containing the phone number of Stub Hub but the wristband tickets are being delivered directly to the buyer? I just want to be sure that delivery occurs so that I don't have to be concerned about trying to track down where the wristbands tickets went nor do I want to have to track down the buyer to make sure they got the wristbands.


Thanks for your reply.

Pit Crew

Re: Outside Lands delivery of wrist bands-tickets

It will always have the Stubhub phone number on the label. Once the label is scanned by UPS for outbound, they are considered sent and when they are scanned at the delivery location, they are considered delivered. You can also track status using the tracking number on the label.


Re: Outside Lands delivery of wrist bands-tickets

Long story short: you're good.

The phone number on the UPS label is SH's in case some issue arises with the buyer receiving your shipment. In that case UPS would reach out to SH to inform them of the issue, and they would handle it directly with them instead of involving you in the process.

You'll also notice the return address on the label provided by stubhub is the company's, not yours, because if the buyer supplied a wrong shipping address SH would receive the package in a return to sender situation, and in the event of a credit card dispute by the buyer SH would say "hey, we did what the buyer told us to do".

As a seller, you're fine. Expect your payment 5-8 business days after the event.