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Past due charge

I sold tickets and then cancelled them as I got another seller from a differenet website and forgot to delete the listing on stubhub. Now i am getting an email that they are “contacting me once again” about past due charges and that they could be sent to an outside agency soon. I was never contacted in the first place and i don’t understand where the charge came from. Does anyone know how soon you have to pay?

Re: Past due charge

Hi @rachelspione, apologies for any confusion! Where we are a secondary marketplace, sellers agree that by listing the tickets, they are advising that they are available for purchase and will be fulfilled if sold. Once you make a sale, the buyer on StubHub has been given an assurance that they now own those exact tickets, so you can imagine the negative experience that happens if a seller later cancels. We assist automatically with replacements or a full refund under our FanProtect Guarantee, and the seller responsible is charged a dropped sale penalty. This amount is a minimum of 40% of the listed ticket price and can go up to the amount we incur locating comparable replacements for the buyer. 


Once a balance is in our system, it means we were unable to charge the card you marked for our FanProtect Guarantee during your original listing. This balance must be paid within 60 days or it is passed on for further collection efforts.