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Payment Policy

I bought tickets for my boyfriend for his birthday September 2020. The concert was suppossed to be this month but was postponed to September 2021! I thought, well I will just sell the tickets and get him a different birthday present. Come to find out, I will not get paid until AFTER the event! I know this was not the policy before as I have sold tickets before. I understand the policy but I have been put in quite the bind... I bought the tickets from StubHub so I see no reason why there should be an issue getting the tickets to the new buyer. Is there any way I can get my payment so I do not have to wait a whole year to give him his gift?? Or at least keep the tickets without having to pay hundreds of dollars again! I wish I had been clearly informed of this policy when I listed the tickets instead of after!

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Re: Payment Policy



Stubhub changed their policies to pay sellers after the event back in March.  If you have already sold the tickets there is not mcuh you can do but wait until Sept/Oct of this year to get paid.  If you cause the sale to fail (dont deliver the tickets) you will be hit with penalties that can be as high as 100%).  If you hav enot sold then you have the option to go to the concert.