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Payment for transfered tickets

I already tried calling customer service but had to hang up.

I recently sold tickets through stubhub and I noticed I get paid after the event takes place. Which I understand but the method I chose to get the tickets to the person was a Ticketmaster transfer.

So the original tickets I had were voided and Ticketmaster gave them entirely new tickets with a new barcode and everything.

My question is if the tickets are brand new to the person I sold them to why do I have to wait to get paid after the event? They are now in their possession with a new barcode and no longer in mine. 

Re: Payment for transfered tickets



Stubhub changed their policies back in March so that you are paid after the event. This way if the event is cancelled they don't have to worry if they have an active credit card on file for you which they would charge if they had already paid you.  Also helps them from a cash flow standpoint which they really need now.