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Paypal Account is wrong

I recently called in to have this fixed but with all the disruptive noise i was unable to really determine what was completely said.


I accidentaly made a small typo in my paypal email for the payout, in which i changed a hour later. A payment status said it was completed and one was processing towards the wrong paypal account which is not even a registered account. If the payment was completed this can be reversed or canceled right?



Re: Paypal Account is wrong

If there was a typo in the PayPal account that was associated with the sale & it is not a valid account we should be able to reissue that to the correct account once the original process has failed. To see what stage of the payment process your payment is currently in, send me or any of the other community moderators a private message with your email address & zip/postal code so we can review this further for you, @Nicolas.