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Predatory Penalties

Stubhub is being totatly unfair regarding tickets they are claiming were uploaded twice. They are charging me hfty fees x 2 and for 4 sold tickets to two different buyers for a total of over $1,500. They claim the tickets were invalid and the buyers were not able to attend the concert when I have proof from the Forum that a pair of the tickets were scanned at the Forum and at least one of the two buyers used two tickets and attended the event. It's criminal that a pair of th tickets were used but I'm being double charged the price of the sold tickets and penalty fees. This business model is predatory and fraudulent. A ticket scan report proves that 2 tickets were used and were valid. The penalty fees are extremely excessive and the replacement tickets in similar location were hundreds of dollars less than what each buyer originally paid. Now I'll need to figure out how to pay my mortgage by 12/31 and not be further penalized by the bank after being hit 4 charges and fines.


I'm being extorted by Stubhub's poor and purposefully predatory IT system. Tickets re-upload and sold twice. How do I know how the buyers were compensated? I know for certain tickets were "stolen" and used.

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Re: Predatory Penalties

We're so sorry to hear about the trouble with your sales!  Ultimately, if tickets are double sold and either one or both buyers is affected at the event because of it, you are 100% liable.  Due to the nature of our marketplace, with tickets being purchased and resold often, our system will not automatically reject tickets that may have already been sold.  It is the seller's responsibility to monitor their listings and sales to ensure they are not selling the same tickets to multiple buyers.  


We are definitely happy to review these cases with our Marketplace Investigations team further to determine exactly what happened to each buyer at the event as well as further review the charges.


We'll send you a private message for more info!