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I sold my Adele tickets for the original date before the show was postponed. Never transferred tickets to buyer as I had no idea what was going to happen.


I now have the new date. How do I communicate this with the buyer? Can I unsell the tickets? I may be able to go now. What's the protocol??? HELP!

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Re: Rescheduled Date - Adele

Agreed.  Super annoying.  My Avett Bros concert got rescheduled for A YEAR FROM NOW.  Seems like the buyer should get a chance to back out of the sale, just like I did as the original buyer.  And what, StubHub holds onto his money and doesn't release it to me until next year's show comes and goes?  I really wish there was a "contact buyer" option on here.  Options are super limited, not really impressed with this site so far.

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