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Reselling Tickets from Ticketmaster

Hello, I bought tickets for a couple of Mariners games but I am no longer abl to attend. I noticed I am not able to sell my tickets on the TicketMaster site but was told by a friend I can sell them here. I thought I found out how to do it but it's asking me to put in a QR code numbr which my tickets do not have. Can someone help m please? 

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Re: Reselling Tickets from Ticketmaster

Hi Michael


you will be able to list your tickets on StubHub but to do so you will need the barcodes for the seats. You can obtain in a couple of ways


1) Log into Ticketmaster and click on ticket info. The barcode information should be there

2) download the mlb ballpark app. Login with your Mariners or Ticketmaster credentials. Go to tickets and then click open and you should see barcodes

3) if you have two mobile devices download a barcode reader app on one. Open the tickets on the other and scan the qr codes 


good luck