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Sale cancelled incorrectly

TLDR: I sold instant transfer pdf tickets and StubHub incorrectly refunded the buyer. What will StubHub do if the buyer tries to use the tickets?

I sold instant transfer PDF tickets to a venue that has the odd seats on the left, even on the right. My tickets were right in the middle of a section so they are 2, 1, 3, 5 left to right. 15 minutes after the sale, it was cancelled. I called customer service and they said because my seats should have been 1-4 instead of 1-3 and 5. I explained the seating to them (the seating chart on their app and website shows the numbering and I'm surprised no one looked before cancelling the sale) and they agreed that I was correct.

My question to them was what will stop the original buyer from using these tickets? Customer service said that the buyer was told not to use them and they are no longer in their account as purchased tickets. I would agree with them if they were mobile tickets, but if they downloaded the PDF there is nothing that StubHub can do to make them delete it. Customer service told me I can relist the tickets but I feel like there is still the unresolved issue of the original buyer having my tickets (not to mention losing a $2000 sale) and I would be on the hook if anything happens with the original buyer tries to use them. Has anyone had a similar situation?

Re: Sale cancelled incorrectly

Hi @Jg4888,


My apologies for any issues with the sale being canceled. Sellers do need to ensure that they are listing their tickets correctly and if not, it may be canceled. However, it does sound that the listing may have been done correctly and I certainly want to help and review. I'll be sending you a private message now so we can. 


Other fans with a similar situation are welcome to send a private message to any of our moderators as well. Thank you.