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Selling Tickets

If we are not being paid until after an event takes place, how do we know there won’t be issues on the buyers side with payment?

I transferred a mobile ticket to a buyer and I feel like I just gave away a ticket for free. Also how do I know they will confirm they received the ticket on StubHub? Or is that a requirement? I have confirmation I transferred everything successfully and that my transfer was accepted, but this all seems sketchy because there will not be payment made to me until mid next year.

Re: Selling Tickets

Your sale does not go through until the buyer's payment is confirmed. They don't need to confirm that they recieved the ticket(s). Only the seller needs to confirm a transfer on StubHub or upload the ticket to StubHub. Sellers get paid even if the buyer never downloads the ticket or accepts the transfer or even if they never use the ticket. But a seller won't get paid if they don't confirm the transfer on StubHub, even if the buyer does accept it. Good luck.

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