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Selling my ticket

I was wondering if anyone can help me with this. So I listed two tickets for a concert happening later next week, and two hours later I got a notification from stubhub that my ticket was purchased. I contacted the buyer from my personal email to confirm that I wont be able to transfer the tickets until like two days before the event, and I was surprised with her telling me that she bought the tickets on "viagogo", how is that possible? Also, she said that she bought the tickets, does that mean that stubhub charged her for them and now it possesses the money, and would I receive them 5-8 business days starting from today, or the day I transfer them to the lady who bought the tickets? Can someone help clarify this to me as I cant find stubhub's customer service email. 


Re: Selling my ticket

You are not supposed to contact the buyer it is against Stubhub terms.

Viagogo purchased Stubhub about a year ago.

The buyer pays at the time of purchase. You get paid 5-8 business days after the event date.
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