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Team Mascot

Selling non-transferable tickets (URGENT HELP PLS)

Hello, I recently sold two seperate tickets to Don Toliver's Miami show which had tickets through 'tixr'. I didn't realize until immediately after the sale that the tickets appear to be non-transferable within the app, but I have the pdf of the tickets downloaded and ready to print. I tried contacting tixr, but they only work through email and probably won't even respond to me in time considering the event is in less than 48 hours. I tried calling StubHub as well but have been on hold for an excruciatingly long time, so I wanted to come on here and see if a mod or something could help me figure out what to do. [ i'M super nervous stubhub won't answer my call, but will charge me for this when I can't figure it out. really can't afford any fees Smiley Sad ]

Pit Crew

Re: Selling non-transferable tickets (URGENT HELP PLS)

Going to the my sales part of your account and see if you can change delivery method. This can usually be done by the seller without any outside assitance.  Wait a few minutes and refresh for the option to upload.