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Selling tickets 2 days before concert date

I have bought tickets before the pandemic and due to rescheduling and not being comfortable to go to any events right now? I've put my tickets on sell and no interest yet. I can't make the event, and I don't want to lose out on my money, so please tell me how i get this resolved before the date (May 6)

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Re: Selling tickets 2 days before concert date

Hi Rochetsitty


As Stubhub is a secondary marketplace the prices on the site are determined by the supply and demand for the event.  If you have listed the tickets and they have not sold so far you may have to lower your price to have the tickets sell even if it means losing money on the sale.  It is far better to lose some money and have the tickets sell than to not have the tickets sell and lose all of the money that you spent on the tickets.