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Selling tickets in any quantity

I have season tickets to the Angels baseball team and because I can't go to all 81 home games, I try to sell tickets to the games that I cannot attend. In the past, I was able to click on "Sell any quantity, but don't leave me with a single ticket."  The system is not giving me that option and has not since they re-opened the stadium. It only gives me the option to "sell all my tickets together". This of course made sense with limited capacity, but now that the seating is at full capacity, I want to be able to "sell any quantity and am ok with being left with a single ticket".  It appears that other people don't have this problem and are able to sell in any quatity.  I can list each ticket indivually (which is tedious).  Unfortunately, some people don't realize that they can buy the seats together, which I truly believe is causing my seats to sell less often. I would welcome some feedback or guidance as I have tried to call Stubhub three times on different days and each time it says there is a 3+ hour wait time.  I certainly don't have 3 hours to sit and wait for a customer service call.  I've contacted the Angels organization and they are unable to help as this is a stub hub issue.  Any guidance would be much appreciated.