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Selling to a Apple Private Relay address

Hey everyone, I don't know where to go because StubHub doesn't exactly have a support hotline or anything, but I have a sale for tickets that can only be transfered the day before the event, so its a bit of a time-sensitive issue when it comes around later this month, but the buyer used a private relay address. This is the ONLY email address I have and the one I've been instructed to transfer the tickets to.


A bit of intuition says that the guy/gal that bought these tickets likely doesn't realize that this will lead to some problems because only that email address can access the tickets but its just a forwarding address and unless his account on AXS is made with the same throwaway relay address (it likely isn't), he will be ticketless and I can foresee all the issues with this sale in advance.


Who can I contact to try to get in touch with the buyer to either change the email address or confirm that everything is correct? I just want to be certain and not deal with any last second shenanigans with sales and chargebacks.

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Re: Selling to a Apple Private Relay address

Hello. Try 866-788-2482 if you haven’t already. I would say obey the delivery instructions. As long as you deliver to the address you are given in the time frame specified you have upheld your end of the transaction. I understand and commend you for you concern about the buyer. Hopefully you can get some help from Stubhub. Stubhub doesn’t allow communication between seller and buyer. Good luck.
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