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Sold Springsteen Tickets - Delivered via Ticketmaster

Someone bought two seats for a Springsteen show at MSG on April 1st. They’re good seats too.
My problems is this: I transferred the mobile tickets to them, but they’re still pending. The buyer hasn’t accepted them.

Re: Sold Springsteen Tickets - Delivered via Ticketmaster

Correct. As long as you've delivered to the email address/physical address we provided by the date specified in you listing, you would be paid regardless of whether or not the buyer accepts the transfer. That said, we have seen instances where the email to accept a transfer doesn't come through on the buyer's end, so we'd suggest that you cancel the transfer and re-send it after 48 hours. Then when you re-send it, you can send a private message to our mods @TeamStubHub with the screenshot and they can add it to the order notes. But yes, ultimately you'd still get paid because you can't control whether or not the buyer accepts the tickets. 

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