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Backup Singer

Sold Tix Before Barcode Available

I just sold tickets to a Mets game this Saturday. I have the tickets in hand (and I listed them that way), but the barcode will not appear until 24 hours before the game, so I won't be able to enter the barcode until Friday. The problem is I think that puts me past the time I'm supposed to deliver the tickets.


I could forward the tickets directly in the Ballpark app to the buyer, but there's no way to mark the transaction as completed in my sales page. 


What do I do?


Also, I've been on hold trying to get a human for an hour and a half already. (Pick up the phone, StubHub!!)

All Star

Re: Sold Tix Before Barcode Available

Hi Dwassel420


Stubhub is aware that the Mets only make barcodes available 24 hours before gametime.  Additionally you have 24 hrs to fulfill an order so either way you should not worry about not being able to fulfill the order before Friday.