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Stubhub Pro?

I am a very active seller and a customer service rep once mentioned stubhub pro as a method of listing my tickets (especially mobile or flashseat tickets). 


She said this should have been explained to me when I was approved for mobile delivery... What is stubhub pro? When is it best used? Is this something I should be using? Do I need to be approved to use this? 


Right now I am manually uploaded each listing through the basic Stubhub site and transferring all tickets manually. Is there an easier method I might try? 


Thanks for any help! 


Pit Crew

Re: Stubhub Pro?

You should look into using some kind of Point Of Sale software. I use one which lists my tickets on Stubhub along with another exchange. It is free and takes a bit to learn the ins and outs but much better at managing ticket inventory than manually listing through StubHub. I have no idea the amount you sell per year but sounds like you would qualify. 

Re: Stubhub Pro?

I just started in late December and have almost 40k in sales with about $25k in inventory. I'm just starting out so I think i'm doing fairly well, but the system I have isnt sustainable if I grow much more. I'll message you and maybe you could point me in the right direction. 

Moderator Moderator

Re: Stubhub Pro?

Hey! We can actually get you set up for access to StubHub Pro if you send any of our Moderators a private message with the email address on the account you want to be enabled!