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Zamboni Driver

Ticket Add-ons

I’m selling tickets for a three-day event where there is a general admissions ticket for the whole event and then add-on tickets for special sessions during the event.  Some sellers have been able to imdicate the add-ons in the “seat” section of their posting.  My account doesn’t allow me to do seat section Is grayed out.  How can I indicate in my posting that the ticket has added value beyond general admissions?  Thanks!


Re: Ticket Add-ons

@AccountMeOut That's a great question and it all depends on the event that you're trying to list. If the event is GA then you would list as GA and add any additional features as comments on the listing. You can try that and if you're not seeing the comments that you need, send a private message to me or any of the other moderators and we'll do what we can to help.