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Ticket resell

I Bought 4 tickets and parking place to MLB game because that that was all that was available in the section I wanted . The only reason I bought 4 is because EVERYTHING I googled and searched on stubhub told me I could resell tickets that I bought on stubhub.
So I bought 4 +parking - thinking from my research that I could turn around and sell 2 tickets and parking and keep the other two —. But Niw that I’ve bought them I don’t have the option to resell - only to send. Am I stuck with the 2 extra tickets plus parking? Appreciate any suggestions or help.
I don’t understand because I bought 2 tickets for another night’s game after I bought these and I have the option to resell those???
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Re: Ticket resell

Hey @Chelsblu


You certainly can relist the tickets you don't want to keep back on the site. What the issue might be though is that the parking passes would need to be listed separately on our PARKING PASSES ONLY event for the game. Even though the listing you purchased had tickets and the pass, this option would only be available to certain sellers thru their season ticket holder account. 


I'll send you a private message here in a second so we can go thru the relisting process together. Thanks!